All on this page are either personal or professional recommendations. 

They are all fully trained, qualified and insured. Reports will be specific, quantified and of requested Tribunal ready. 

Please contact them for their prices etc.

(I do not receive any form of payment for these recommendations; you do not need to be using my services to access them)
Due to current pandemic they may have limited or reduced capacity. 

Sensory Spectacle 

Sensory Processing can be a minefield. Becky runs some of the best Sensory Workshops I’ve attended. 

Helping Kids Shine 

Bryher and her team are independent, Sensory Trained OT. She’s also familiar with writing Tribunal Quality reports. Reports are also specific and quantified. 

Operation Diversity – no where offers so much in one place. Join the Academy for tailored professional advice. 

Small Talk SLT

Libby Hill

Libby is an independent Speech and language therapist. Able to provide Tribunal reports. 

South Wales SLT

Chris is an Independent Speech and Language Therapist. He is able to produce Tribunal quality reports. 

HumAnima CIC

Offering support for Children, Parents and Guardians. Services in life counselling, animal-assisted therapies, online webinars and training. 


Jannine Harris is a professional skills and coaching, counselling and training. She works work Children, Adults and Education. Also offers screening and consulting. 

Allergy Adventures 

From child friendly books, to educating schools on allergies, Hailey has it all.