Craft and Photography created for you

Frazzle takes and creates photos & crafts for you. 

Being a Neurodivergent myself, and parent to two complex neurodivergent PDA teens, I understand how difficult capturing photos can be.

I have over twenty years experience as a family photographer, and now only do it in a limited capacity due to my own family needs. (Such as private neurodivergent events). 

I’m not your typical photographer, so please don’t expect me saying “sit still”, “look here”- natural laughter, silliness often helps a person to relax. I’m accompanied by Frazzle (see pic below). 

I focus on the moment not the “perfect” smile*. Contemporary/ Action shots often show the naturalness of the moment. I don’t use a traditional studio, but do have a background. For larger families I suggest outdoors or an environment where child/ young person feels comfortable. 

*Focusing on the “perfect” smile or moment can often be too much for a Neurodivergent and too demanding (especially for PDAers). 

Frazzle although part of AuSENDs has its own insurance policy due to separate nature of contents.