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A muppets guide to Autistic Masking. 

The Phoenix Effect– Rising again to fight for your child.

Balancing chalk and cheese without falling off the precipice – managing opposing children’s needs with your own.

One Request!- Think before judging. Some disabilities are invisible.

Walking the Empathy/Apathy Emotional line.  Autistics can have empathy.

Being Heard; the reality. A parent’s perspective.

World Autism Awareness/ Acceptance.  

Being Me- the What ifs!

Sensory Processing – managing and coping with it.

My Autistical World – Song Written by a father of autistics.

Our Story – Our journey to diagnosis.

Hi. You must be mum! – you’re not just a parent carer, keeping your own identity.

Surrealism of getting Diagnosed– Only took 11 years.

Making Waves ~ Being Heard.– Listening to parents. 

Sensory Overload– What does it feel like?

Holidays….. What they’re really like?

We are NOT “Fine”!!! – Anxiety in schools.

A muppets guide to Autistic Masking.

Holidays: The Reality  

Looking After Yourself 

Melting to be heard. 

Never Doubt Yourself

Exploding Ovens and Supportive SENDCo’s

Carrying on through COVID 19

Being Me – What does Âûtism acceptance look like?

The Autistic TAF; why understanding types of autistic masking in school is a must!  

PDA- Tracker Diary, Implementing it