• We’re always happy to offer advice to any professionals/ practitioners if they know if a family that may need advice, or they want confidential advice. We will require proof they have given consent for you to talk to us. 
  • Happy to advice schools on any EHCP queries. 
  • All advice is given in confidence. A written report can be provided to/ for professionals at at cost. 
  • We are, and will always be independent and not run by local authorities, CCG’s etc. 
  • Email us at

April is âûtism awareness/ acceptance month. 

I’m offering FREE autism information sessions including autistic masking. 
Read my recent blog The Autistic TAF


  • MUST be booked during April but the session can be held before 31/01/23
  • Slides will be provided afterward. 
  • FREE but mileage may incur if over 30 miles. (see services on mileage charges)  

We offer clear pricing and sliding scale. 

One-off advice is a flat rate of £20 per hour. 

Any letters needed are an additional £10 per hour. 

Whole days start at £75 for 4-5 hours, booked in advance. 

Half days start at £35 for 2 hours, booked in advance. 

We do offer discounts. If you wish to keep us in contact for a period of time. This service includes a written agreement to cover both parties.