Devon SEND Partnership Network (DSPN)

bridging the gaps in SEND”


Our aim is to bridge the gaps in SEND between professionals, parents and families by sharing information and experiences. 

DSPN ethos is designed for all SEND Professionals throughout Devon. Are you a SENDCo, Specialist staff, SEND Health professional, SEND social care professional, Run a SEND group….?

The idea is to support each other with bridging the gaps often seen between professionals, schools, services, parents and families.

I’ve spent some of the last 7 years looking at ways to “improve” the challenges we all face. I’m a strong advocate on advising to work with schools and professionals whilst they also work with parents.
Explaining that as angry as a parent can feel, it can work against what a parent wants to achieve ~ support for their child(ren), and feeling heard, listened to.

What we are!
•Respectful of everyone’s knowledge, understanding and experience.
•Neurodivergent and LGBTQ friendly
•A place gain knowledge and support.

What we are not!
•Not for personal issues.
•Not Naming or Shaming
•Not for taking others hard work as our own.

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