Local and National Links

    Devon Local Offer (What SEN is available in Devon?)

    BIS-NET DEVON:: Affordable Parent Carer Workshops. Including PDA, ADHD, Autism, Challenging Behaviours, Breakaway training, and Social and Anxiety.

Blooming Children Independent Sensory Integration OTs and much more  

Children and Families Health Devon. Integrated Children Services (SPA- Single point of access).  Referral Form for SPA. 

    DIAS Devon Information Advice Services:: Free impartial support for parent Carers across Devon. 

    Devon Carers / Young Carers::  Devon Carers Card/meet-ups. 

EPIC offers private Autism, ADHD, SCLN, and much more. 

    Parent Carer Forum Devon~ coming soon.

    Plymouth Local Offer

    Torbay SEN Local Offer

    Torbay Information Advice Support Services 

    Torbay Parent Carer Forum

    Plymouth Parent Carers Voice 

    Plymouth Information Advice Support Services 

    Moorvision:: Supporting the visually impaired/ blind in Devon. 

    Exeter and South Deaf Children’s Society:: Supporting hearing impaired/ deaf Children in Devon

    South West Autism:: Groups, Support, and Training for Autistic Children and their Families.

     SPACE – Supporting Young People from year 7 onward.

    SEND Family Instincts:: Please contact Jess direct for a list of services she offers.

    YSmart support for under 18’s with drug/ alcohol issues.

National Links

Autism Education Trust: Free Autism Resources, including Good Autism Practice, Autism Progression Framework.

    PDA Society:: Pathological Demand Avoidance 

    Carers UK:: Support/ Advice for ALL Carers. Employment, Benefits, etc

    FIGS UK (Fighting Inequality for Girls on Spectrum):: National Support Campaign for Autistics Supporting Girls. 

    National Autistic Society (NAS):: Website details all branches and services offered. 

    School Exclusion Project. :: Support and Advice for school refusals/ exclusions. 

    Especially Fun- Disability Friendly Review site. :: New website to review/ recommend Disability Friendly venues.

    Sensory Spectacle – Everything you need to know about Sensory Processing.